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The guiding principle at Rockhouse is respect for individual differences

About Rockhouse Playschool in Flagstaff AZ.The history of This Flagstaff PreschoolThe History of This Flagstaff Preschool

Harold and Mary Elizabeth Harper (old timers of Flagstaff), were married here in Flagstaff Oct. of 1937. A few years later the couple built their home at 414 W. Cherry Avenue where the house still stands today. There Harold and Mary Liz raised their five children. In later years, the couple decided to build another home and turn their Cherry home into a preschool.

Rockhouse Playschool was established in 1969 with 10 kids in attendance. In the late 1970's, Rockhouse added a new addition that included a large gym and two classrooms. Today Rockhouse Playschool takes care of children 6 weeks old through 5 years old, and can accommodate 80+ children. Rockhouse Playschool has been family-owned and operated for over 40 years.

About Rockhouse Playschool in Flagstaff AZ.The Philosophy at Rockhouse Playschool in Flagstaff Arizona

  • About Rockhouse Playschool in Flagstaff ArizonaRockhouse Playschool is an early learning facility with 5,900 square feet of indoor educational space, and 12,000 square feet of outdoor space where children can find an endless number of large and small muscle activities.
  • The cheerful and spacious surroundings are safe and hygienic for both indoor and outdoor activities. There are many learning activities provided.
  • The overall goal at Rockhouse is to promote healthy physical, mental, emotional and social growth for each child.
  • The guiding principle at Rockhouse is respect for individual differences. Every child is different, unique and of great value. For each child the sequence of the day's events will differ. This is the basis for planning a flexible program.
  • Our primary concern is the child's happiness and safety.

Our Preschool Programs in Flagstaff AZ.Our Preschool Programs in Flagstaff Arizona

  • Our Preschool Programs in Flagstaff AZArts and Crafts - Children can paint with brushes, with fingers, with strings, with sponges, with screen, or cut and paste, or color or model with clay.
  • Music is taught by our staff and occasionally by a specially trained music teacher.
  • The Math Room is equipped with things to count, sort, latch, button and zip. There are flash cards, math games, and blocks for young engineers to build with.
  • The Language Room has shelves lined with books. There are shelves loaded with puzzles, teaching pictures and games. This area is used for social studies everyday. Sensory activities (sight, sound, and touch) are also experienced in the Language Room.
  • The Role-Play Room provides equipment and supplies to play "dress-up" or playing house, school, supermarket, doctor, fireman, etc.

Open Door Policy for Our Preschool in Flagstaff

We have an open door policy for parents whose children are registered and welcome them anytime. For interested new parents and children, a guided tour is provided and can be scheduled at your convenience. Our admission policy is non-discriminatory. All children regardless of race, sex, national origin or religious background are welcome.

Flagstaff Preschool Staff

Every area is under constant and close supervision by an adequate number of educationally qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members. Each staff member has been fingerprinted with the FBI and is registered with the State of Arizona to work in a day care center.

Play Time in Flagstaff

Rockhouse provides both quiet and vigorous activities. We offer a rich, creative and stable environment providing a great variety of opportunities and experiences in the following areas: Art, Music, Science, Math, Sensorial, Language, Role-Playing, and Body Movement.

License and Registration

Rockhouse Playschool in Flagstaff, AZ. is inspected and regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services located at 1500 East Cedar Avenue, Suite 22, Flagstaff, AZ. 86004. (928)774-2707

Flagstaff Certified Preschool

Rockhouse Playschool in Flagstaff, AZ. is a certified Preschool by the Arizona Department of Economic Security. We are also a certified Preschool and Day Care Center for the Navajo Nation.

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